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In this project students first blew bubbles and observed how they floated and overlapped one another and ALL of the wonderful colors in each bubbles, how each are different and always changing! This was great fun!

Next students painting with acrylic paint a beautiful sunset with silhouetted mountains. I gave them an actual picture to use as a reference for this… I first had them do the sunset and I taught them how to mix and blend colors and then when that part was dry I taught them how to mix black with blue and red to make a more interesting “black” color and I had them make the silhouette of the mountains, painting over the dried sunset.

Lastly I had them search out objects to trace in the room for the bubbles… some large, some medium and some small (one girl used her pencil eraser!). I taught them how the bubbles closer to them would be bigger and the ones farther away would be smaller and how to overlap the bubbles but you should be able to see through the bubbles! We used white oil pastels to first trace our round objects to make the bubbles, then looking at a photograph of bubbles they added all the wonderful colors in each bubble… this was a REALLY great project.