Giant Pencils and Colored Pencils

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In this project students first created GIANT paper mache pencils, colored pencil, or crayon.

We first made a large cylinder shape out of poster board and masking tape. Then sculpted a cone shape for the pencil tip also using poster board and masing tape and then taped it to the top of the cylinder.

Using newspaper strips dipped in paste, students then coated the pencils in paper mache that dried hard. The next day students painted the pencils with gesso for a white undercoat that dried to make the pencils even harder and stronger. Once hat was dry they painted them either as a pencil or a colored pencil! One girl even made a cayon-colored pencil! If they made the crayon they got to make up their own color and put their name for the company, and for the colored pencils as well, and for the pencil they could make up their own company and what # pencil it was!

So much fun!! This project was adapted from Cassie Stevens who has wonderful ideas!